A Map of Rabbinic Figures in Ukraine

A few people asked me about Gedolei Yisrael who lived in Ukraine, so I made a map. It covers some 50+ towns. Some, like Lviv and Brody, get into the Hall of Fame of Jewish communities on the first ballot. Others are lesser known. About half are best known for the Hasidic courts named for them. In all, this should help make what is going on there now much realer. The order is random, and I’m sure there are major figures from other places. Please make suggestions in the comments. Note that this is not a comprehensive map of Jewish communities in Ukraine. Our Searchable Map of Hebrew Place Names, for instance, has over 1500 Jewish communities in today’s Ukraine.

Among the figures included in this map, the one that gave me a jolt was R. Menachem Mendel Hager, the first Rebbe of Vizhnitz, because of the name of his book: Ahavas Shalom, the Love of Peace.

You can open a larger map in a new tab by clicking here.

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