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HaMapah aims to bring modern tools of quantitative and geographic analysis to Rabbinic literature. The tools we are developing allow us to quantify rabbinic authority quickly and easily. The visual representations of the data we harvest show spheres of influence through time and across space. They have already yielded numerous insights and surprises about the shape of rabbis’ network of correspondence and the trajectory of their careers. These phenomena, which have never been noticed before, raise a host of new questions, large and small, for a new generation of scholars and historians to consider.

Elli Fischer is a graduate student in Jewish History at Tel Aviv University whose research focuses on the construction of rabbinic authority as reflected in the writing of responsa. He is an independent writer, translator, editor, and rabbi.

Moshe Schorr is a graduate of Yeshivat Har Etzion and a computer science student at the Technion.

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  1. Interested in a bibliography on theories of rabbinic authoity. Can you provide cites for the Katz and Baron you mention? I’m an analytic legal philosopher hoping to do a chapter on rabbinic authority in a larger work on authority.

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