A JewishGen Webinar on Prenumeranten

Yesterday, I (Elli) gave a Webinar for JewishGen.com on Prenumeranten as a historical and genealogical resource. It was a lot of fun, but there’s never enough time. Here is a recording.

2 thoughts on “A JewishGen Webinar on Prenumeranten”

  1. I saw the announcement of your webinar on a literary e-mail list, and have discovered that there is not currently a Wikipedia article on prenumeranten (at least in the English-language version; I can’t read the Hebrew or Yiddish versions [goyische kopf, nu?]).

    Could you be kind enough to send me links to published material in the scholarly literature, sufficient to create a “stub” article (as we call it), which can flourish later if added to? This blog, alas, being a blog, may not be regarded as a sufficiently reliable source to use in a Wikipedia article.

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